1. Definitions:

1.1 "Licensed Material" means any music, video, graphic, or other media downloaded, purchased, or otherwise legitimately obtained from Josiah Johnson Studios through www.josiahjohnonstudios.com or through other means.

1.2 "Licensee" means the user and/or purchaser of any of the Licensed Material.

1.3 "Reproduction" means any copy or duplication of any of the Licensed Materials, in any use other than for personal storage and backup.

1.4 "Derivative Work" means any project, media, or file containing or created using the Licensed Material.

2. Grant of License:

2.1 Josiah Johnson Studios grants the Licensee a direct, nonexculsive, nontransferable license to use any Licensed Material in any Visual, Audio, or other creative project whether for personal or commercial use, except for those prohibited by Section 3 of this agreement.

2.2 The Licensee may edit any Licensed Material for an intended project or creation, provided that these edits to not imply the transfer of any rights held by Josiah Johnson Studios to the Licensee.

3. Restrictions:

3.1 The Licensee may not redistribute, nor create any Reproduction of any of the Licensed Materials. 

3.2 Any Derivative Work produced by the Licensee must not be solely based on the Licensed Material, whether edited, cut, redressed, remixed or raw.

3.2 The Licensee may not sell or share any of the Licensed Material as standalone loops, audio files, audio banks, graphics, visual elements, or other raw formats, wether for profit or free of charge.

4. Ownership and Rights

4.1 At no point does any copyright or ownership pass from Josiah Johnson Studios to any Licensee in any way. Only a direct, nonexclusive, nontransferable license is granted.

5. Liability

5.1 Josiah Johnson Studios will not be held liable for any injury, third-party claims of rights, damages, or any other expenses related or unrelated.